Kodak Thermoflex Wide II

From flexible packaging converters producing sleeves to corrugated trade shops making plates, the KODAK THERMOFLEX Wide II Platesetter can meet all of your plate making needs.

In plate imaging mode, the THERMOFLEX Wide II Platesetter images any plate size up to 1321 x 2031 mm (52 x 80 in.). In sleeve mode, it supports both seamless photopolymer sleeves as well as digital plate-on-sleeve imaging applications. The unique quick-change feature enables a single operator to switch the THERMOFLEX Platesetter from sheet mode to sleeve mode in a matter of minutes, without the need for any auxiliary equipment.

  • Enhanced print quality
  • Plate-to-plate repeatability
  • KODAK HYPERFLEX Ready Imaging Technology
  • Digital plate and sleeve imaging
  • KODAK TIFF Front End Software
  • Semi-automated sheet-to-sleeve mode changing
  • On-device sleeve loading and unloading
  • Complete digital plate-on-sleeve workflow
Kodak Thermoflex Platesetter

Linear Speed Area Imaging Speed

V-speed (very fast )

Plates: 66 mm
(2.6 in.) per min.

Sleeves: 86.4 mm (3.4 in.) per min.

4260: 4.3 m² per hr.

5280: 5.3 m² per hr.
1067 x 1524 mm
(42 x 60 in.): 23 min.

1320 x 2032 mm
(52 x 80 in.): 30 min

Media Specifications

Plate Imaging

Sleeve Imaging

Media Type

  • Qualified 830 nm digital flexographic and letterpress plates with polyester base
  • Qualified 830 nm digital plates with steel base
  • Ablative film
  • Qualified seamless digital photopolymer sleeves and digital photopolymer plates mounted on sleeves

Media Sizes

Plate size up to:
1321 x 2032 mm (52 x 80 in.)

Minimum sleeve inner diameter:
90.67 mm (3.57 in.)

Maximum print repeat:
1066.8 mm (42 in.)

Maximum length:
1828.8 mm (72 in.)

Maximum width:
1651 mm (65 in.) for inner sleeve diameter smaller than 114.93 mm (4.5 in.); 1828.8 mm (72 in.) for inner sleeve diameter larger than 114.93 mm (4.5 in.)

Media Thickness

0.18 to 6.35mm (0.007 to 0.250 in.)

Any thickness


AM screening: 1% to 99% at 175 lpi line screen
KODAK HYPERFLEX Resolution Enhancement Software


1067 x 1524 mm (42 x 60 in.) max plate size

1321 x 2032 mm (52 x 80 in.) max plate size

Plate and sleeve
Sleeve only

Size (H x W x D)

1397 x 3327 x 1880 mm
(55 x 131 x 74 in.)

1391 x 5940 x 1891 mm
(55 x 234 x 74 in.)
Includes space for the production hub to assist with sleeve load and unload





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